Box? What box?

When it comes to creating unique and interesting designs I don’t just think outside of the box, I take that box and use it to store the old and boring stuff that no one uses anymore. Based in Sydney, Australia, I create fun and interesting designs that invigorate your brand and make you look and feel awesome.

Possibilities: Limitless

I believe that research, development, and experimentation are all in important things that go into making great experiences for companies and their clients. Our core focus is:

Graphic Design

We design and create everything from logo creation to website graphics including infographics and diagrams.

Website Design

From concept to the final product we help you at every step to ensure that your site looks great and easy to maintain.

Print Design

We can help your company cement its visual style and ideals through branding, from banners and business cards.

Some cool stuff we have done

Good Clients, Great Friends!

Over the years I have been quite fortunate to have created amazing experiences for my clients with many coming back with new jobs to challenge me.

The Team

Well, it’s a bit of stretch to say that one person is a “team” but regardless I do best to provide not only the best product but also service to my clients. Boundary pushing is what I do best!

Ah shoot! I don’t have a good pic of me. But that’s OK – here’s a cute pic of a cat to tide you over.

A gaming enthusiast and tattoo connoisseur, I seek out the best and newest things that I find interesting and apply them into whatever I do makes everything worth the while. I have experience working as a freelance and in agency environments in Australia and Canada and I believe the work I do shows that.

Kelvin Lam
Owner of KL23 Media

Talk to us and let’s make awesome things happen!

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